Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Shadow Portal

This narrative was written as an assignment by my oldest, Boy 1 aged twelve. I have his and his teacher's permission to publish it here. He does not play World of Warcraft nor any other console games of a similar vein. This is all from his non-stop, churning imagination...

This story is about me, an average but different boy. My name is Boy and sometimes I practice spells and science. An unusual mix, but not for me. Now, let us start my story.

One bright, sunny morning I was trying out a little light magic. I was working on a banishing spell for the creatures of the dark. The famous Knight’s Templar, an ancient religious order, created the chant many centuries ago and I had almost perfected it when I accidentally said that dangerous word, Magia. Magia means magic in old Latin. A dark purple portal with lightening shooting out of its dark purple clouds was created instantly. It opened and every beast in hell came flowing out. When the devil himself appeared the unholy gateway vanished but only after every single demon followed him down to the city intending to create a hell on earth. The sun went black and the entire world was plunged into eternal darkness.

Luckily for all of us, one of my earlier inventions was a solar storm box. This is a cube made out of two-way mirrors; it blinded the demons as I grabbed the spell book and ran. I managed to escape but a demon, known as a fissure, came after my family and me. The fissures look like a huge crack in the ground with the split growing as they feast off living flesh. Giant flying gargoyles leapt into the air and joined the chase. We ran and ran and ran.

I finally, in desperation, used a dangerous exorcism spell to try to repel them with holy light missiles. I loudly screamed the spell like this:

“By the power of holy light I hereby summon the power to exorcise these creatures of the dark!”

I was not expert at this chant and the result was not strong enough to vanquish the demons and gargoyles. A small shimmer reflected enough magic to force them back for only a little while but it gave us some time to make a move. We managed to escape into a dense forest to hide and make our plan.

I told my family, “I need to stop and research how to get rid of these demons once and for all!” So I sat on a rotten stump in the middle of the trees and pulled out my spell book to read in the dim light of my magic shimmer. My family sat quietly with me watching out for any demons or gargoyles on the attack. I opened my spell book.

“The Swords of Divinity. A powerful tool only to be yielded by those pure of heart and soul. They contain divine enchantment and are in the super-powerful class for use against creatures of darkness. Increase light magic spells all the way to the highest level and banishes everything evil.” I took a deep breath to calm me and asked the person I trust most in the whole, wide universe, “Mum, do you think I am pure of heart?”

My mother looked at me in truth and said “You are the most pure of heart and soul living being I have ever known.” She walked across the small clearing and hugged me tight. As she let me go I began the summon chant.

“I, Boy, the purest being of heart and soul, summon the Swords of Divinity into my open palms. Lord, give me the strength to yield these tools of goodness and strike those of evil back into the dark lands of hell!”

Onto the upraised inner surface of my hands two swords appeared. Each was circled by five magic runes all reflecting light from inside. The glistening gold of each blade manifested the illumination of the runes, casting huge explosions of holy light into the surrounding darkness. The beams revealed a re-opened shadow portal just beyond the clearing where I stood. I yelled to my family:

“Get behind me, now!” With manic screams and loud hysterical cursing the legion of demons were sucked from the earth and sky. Dark purple clouds bubbled through the opening, as lightening shot into the sky. Six hundred and sixty six of Satan’s subjects vanished into the shadow portal until only the dark lord himself was left clutching the edge of the opening.

Straining against the wild winds, I flung the swords into a cross as I called out a final mantra, “By the power of Holy Light I hereby cast Satan back into the realm of hell!” With a piercing scream, Lucifer was sent back to where he belonged and the shadow portal closed once more.

In the sudden silence, the sun re-appeared as the clouds cleared. My family embraced and peace was restored once more. Until next time.

, very proud mother of Boy 1 aged twelve.