Monday, June 27, 2011

My Red Scarf

Copyright Lightmoods Photography by Paul Foley

My red scarf is bright and new
It keeps me warm
Now I've lost you

My red scarf is vivid and fun
It brightens me up
Should I be glum

My red scarf breaks up the black
It stops the sads
Before I crack

My red scarf wafts in the wind
It feels so nice
Not end but begin

My red scarf it flies so high
It swirls around
Up in the sky

My red scarf has blown away
And now the black
Is here to stay

My red scarf is lost for good
I sink below
To where I should

Remain. Cold. Black. Gone.

1 comment:

Simplicity at its Best said...

Wow i like this nice ode to the red scarf. sometimes with writing it is as simple as exposing on selfs self to the even simpler joys such as those of the winds exploits with a simple red scarf.